My hot new Navy SEAL romance - Blue Honor

My hot new Navy SEAL romance - Blue Honor

Jun 17, 2021

I'm so excited to share this book with you. I think it's my best one yet!

Blue Honor is live on Amazon and free to read in Kindle Unlimited!

Former Navy SEAL Vander Knight specializes in extreme interrogation. He relies on fear and intimidation to quickly and efficiently extract intel from the enemy. But his standard tactics won't work on the Colombian spitfire he's tasked with questioning. She's too beautiful and vulnerable for his harsh threats. He'll have to resort to building rapport with his sexy hostage to coax her into revealing her secrets.

Breaking Misha without falling for her may be the toughest battle he'll ever face, but with his brother's life on the line, failure is not an option.

Early readers are loving Blue Honor

"Talk about sexual heat between Misha and her hunky Navy Seal Vander. I couldn't put it down."

"Blue Honor starts off with a bang and pulls you right into major chaos. An intense riviting drama full of intrigue, humor, hot steamy scenes, and twists that make this a very addicting read."

"The characters jump off the pages like a 3D movie. Everything is so intense."

"Mystery, power, lies, and wonderful banter between Vander and Misha."

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Meet the Men of Siege!

Meet the Men of Siege!

Apr 13, 2021

Imagine an elite group of tall, dark, and rugged heroes. All connected to a nightclub in Boston called Siege. They live by the motto die before surrender.

But what happens when the warriors of Siege face down the power of love? Will their physical strength help them in battles of the heart?

Find your next book boyfriend at Siege, and your next, and your next...

Escape with the Men of Siege. You deserve it!

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Rogan - A Delta Force sniper rescues a kidnap victim and the chemistry explodes.

Lachlan - A retired Navy SEAL goes undercover in the hunt for love

Zook - An illiterate ex-con falls in love with his sexy tutor

Torrez - A retired Navy SEAL and an escaped princess fall in love on the run

Falcon - The bodyguard and the opera diva battle for control and find love

View the Men of Siege on Amazon

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Meet the Twist Brothers!

Meet the Twist Brothers!

Apr 13, 2021

In the small town of Boulder Creek, California, the Twists are known as the bucket-list brothers. Who wouldn't have one of these hot mountain men on the top of their to-do list? But catching a Twist Brother isn't easy. These complicated men guard their hearts like they do their family secrets. Watch out though, once you win a Twist Brother's love, he'll lay down his life to protect you.

Foster - The patriarch of the family who started out as a street fighter

Cutter - The oldest brother with scars inside and out

Mace - The bounty hunter with a heart of gold

Read the complete series in one ebook box set or read the Twist Brothers in one giant omnibus paperback edition.

View the Twist Brothers on Amazon

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Meet Bex Dane!

Meet Bex Dane!

Apr 13, 2021

Welcome to my author page! I write steamy alpha heroes and the strong women who tame their restless hearts.

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Men of Siege recommended reading order

*Violet (Novella 0.5) Download Free with newsletter signup

Rogan (Book 1) View on Amazon

Tessa (Short Story 1.4) Download Free with newsletter signup

Lachlan (Novella 1.5) Download Free with Newsletter signup

Zook (Book 2) View on Amazon

Torrez (Book 3) View on Amazon

Falcon (Book 4) View on Amazon

Twist Brothers Reading Order

Fighting for Foster (Prequel Novel) View on Amazon

Captivated by Cutter (Book 1) View on Amazon

Memorizing Mace (Book 2) View on Amazon

*Violet is optional and you don’t need to read it before starting Rogan. Trigger alert: Violet contains themes of suicide and death and does not have a happy ending. It is the beginning of Rogan’s story that concludes in Book 1, Rogan.

Books 1-4 are included in the Men of Siege Box Set.

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Thank you and happy reading,


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