My hot new Navy SEAL romance - Blue Honor

My hot new Navy SEAL romance - Blue Honor

I'm so excited to share this book with you. I think it's my best one yet!

Blue Honor is live on Amazon and free to read in Kindle Unlimited!

Former Navy SEAL Vander Knight specializes in extreme interrogation. He relies on fear and intimidation to quickly and efficiently extract intel from the enemy. But his standard tactics won't work on the Colombian spitfire he's tasked with questioning. She's too beautiful and vulnerable for his harsh threats. He'll have to resort to building rapport with his sexy hostage to coax her into revealing her secrets.

Breaking Misha without falling for her may be the toughest battle he'll ever face, but with his brother's life on the line, failure is not an option.

Early readers are loving Blue Honor

"Talk about sexual heat between Misha and her hunky Navy Seal Vander. I couldn't put it down."

"Blue Honor starts off with a bang and pulls you right into major chaos. An intense riviting drama full of intrigue, humor, hot steamy scenes, and twists that make this a very addicting read."

"The characters jump off the pages like a 3D movie. Everything is so intense."

"Mystery, power, lies, and wonderful banter between Vander and Misha."

Shh! (NSFW teaser)

The sheets rustled and the springs creaked. Through thin slits of my barely open eyes, I watched her slip out of the bed and peel off her clothes.

My heart rate slowed, and I switched to stealth predator mode. Alert on the inside, unmoving on the outside.

She approached me cautiously like I was an IED that could explode in her path. I absolutely was as volatile as a bomb, and she was right to move slowly. Of course, she shouldn't be moving at all considering her situation.

She walked over to where I was sitting and stood between my legs. The only coverage she had was a flimsy lace bra that looked about two sizes too small for her gorgeous tits and an equally lacy and just as dangerous pair of underwear.

Jade really needed to stop treating the hostages like spa guests. Cotton underwear would've been more than generous and a lot less lethal, but this woman would probably tempt my resolve no matter what she wore.

She was a knockout by every standard. Big eyes, full lips, tan skin, round tits, curvy hips, legs that never ended. Movie star beauty. The opposite of me and my scarred face and crooked nose. Everything about her turned me on, but the reality was she was my captive and much too close.

I struck like the Viper I truly was, grabbing her wrists with a tight grip she couldn't escape. She gasped and pulled back, but I held firm, forcing her to stay close to me.

We stared at each other for a long second. She was likely calculating the risks just as I was doing.

I drew her hands behind her back which brought her tits right below my face. "Careful, Kroshka." The word for "little one" slipped out. She'd used it earlier for Blue, and I thought it fit her too. She had a lot of lost puppy in her.

"I'm no little one." The sultry vixen voice had returned along with her sexy-as-hell confidence.

"To me you are."

She arched her back and breathed out as her tits brushed my chin. The hellcat was horny and wanted to play.

Damn. My dick was already rock hard. I didn't touch women when I was deployed. I didn't jack off. In the field, you survive. Your physical needs are eating and sleeping. Keeping your weapon close and ready. Paying any attention to your dick could get you killed, but I knew she couldn't overpower me and I couldn't summon the strength to turn her away. I'd be giving up so much. The heat coming off her, the long hair cascading over her incredible tits, all of it right in front of me like a buffet.

The stitches of the injury pulled tight as I removed my weapons and placed them on a table out of her reach.

She craned her neck, bending her head forward to tempt her lips next to mine, begging me to kiss her. I looked at her pouty lips but kept my distance. Even though my restraint was hanging by a tattered thread, I'd shown her no external response that would encourage her. This was all her.

I tugged her arms back as a warning. "Don't do this, Kroshka."

"I'm not doing anything," she said as she climbed up on my lap and straddled my hips. I wasn't encouraging her, but I also wasn't stopping her.

I ground my teeth together. "You're playing with dynamite, woman." All my muscles were strung tight like a slingshot ready to discharge.

She pulled forward and managed to press her lips to my jaw in a soft, hot kiss. Her lips were every bit as luscious as I'd imagined.

I looked to the ceiling and took a deep breath. "Damn."

At the first sign I'd let slip that she was affecting me, she grinned and rolled her core over my dick through the fabric between us.

On her next pass, she found the line of my shaft through my pants and drilled in on it. The contact caused my balls to draw up and my dick to twitch. My cock did not give a shit if this was wrong and dangerous. It wanted to dive into her tight wet heat.

No. I had to keep my cool.

That's when her scent hit me. Feminine and sweet. It would be my undoing, that scent.

She let out a ragged sigh and rubbed her hot core up and down on my cock again. "It's huge." She panted and let out a tiny whimper.

Shit. Fuck. She was getting herself off with the friction. If she didn't stop, I'd lose the tenuous hold I had on my control. If she did stop, I'd lose control too. That was it. I would not survive this.

"Open your pants for me. It feels so good and so big. I want to see it." Her velvet voice triggered another surge of lust to my cock. Lethal. This woman was absolutely lethal.

"Tell me your real name." My strained words stuck in my throat with the mammoth effort it took to hold back.

"No," she said coyly, like she had no clue she had just climbed up on a viper's lap and was about to get bitten by his fangs.

"Say your name and I'll open my pants for you. Give you everything you need." I spoke through clenched teeth, swallowing hard with the effort of forcing my body to do the opposite of what it craved.

"No," she repeated mischievously as she writhed on my dick.

Through the fog of tits and pussy on my brain, I struggled to focus on her motivation. What did she really want from me right now? Not just my cock. What else was working behind those beautiful eyes? "C'mon, you're desperate for it. You want me to fuck the real you. You want me to say your real name when my cock strokes your sweet pussy. You want me to moan it when I lose control and explode inside you." As much as I wanted to, I had no intention of fucking her. I'd say what it took to get her name.

She mewled, her hips still rocking mine in the cruelest of tortures. The fabric of my pants started to get wet from her exuberant oscillations. I should tie her hands back so my fingers would be free to fuck all that wetness coming from her.

No. I absolutely could not take it that far.

"Say your name," I gritted out.

Her hair fell over her eyes as she shook her head. So sexy and distracting. I forced myself to focus on the goal. Fucking her senseless.

No. No. The goal was to extract information. Jesus. I'd totally lost all restraint, and all she'd done was ride me over my clothes.

"You're showing me the real you right now. I can see her. She's fucking beautiful. Tell me who she really is."

She chewed her lip, and I jutted my chin to suck it out of her teeth. I growled and nipped her bottom lip as I pulled it taut and released it. "Tell me your real name." I tugged her arms back, creating more space between us and threatening to end this if she didn't comply. It would be hard as hell to tear her off me right now so hopefully this was the last time I had to ask. "What's your name?"

"Misha," she finally whispered.

Thank God. "Misha." Her name rolled off my tongue like it belonged there. "Misha," I said again with reverence. "Feels good to hear me say it. Doesn't it?"

Her shoulders relaxed, and her arms went limp. "Yes."

My hellcat had submitted. We were done. I had her real name. I should've stopped, but no man, even one of my strength and countenance, could turn down the woman sitting on my lap especially after she'd given control over to me exactly as I'd wanted. She'd put her trust in me, and I was going to reward her for it.

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