Rogan – A Men of Siege Preview




Rogan (Men of Siege Book One)

My world was dark, until I met her…


Vengeance rules my life.

Nothing distracts me from my quest to track and kill my target.

Nothing except Tessa, the woman I rescued on my last Delta Force mission.

She’s sunshine and beauty. I’m shadows and regret.

And I want her.

But loving her means battling my deepest fear—failure.


Rogan’s gorgeous and kind, but he’s not the man for me.

As much as I wish it were different, it’s true.

He puts war above everything and barricades his heart behind walls of muscle.

When my past threatens to rob me of my freedom, he’s there to save me.

But will he let me do the same for him?

This preview includes the first several chapters of Rogan, a full-length standalone novel and the first book in the Men of Siege series. If you’re looking for a passionate second-chance romance, you’ll love Rogan.