Beth – Angel Series #1.6




Running away never solves anything. But that is exactly what Beth is doing after a devastating trip to the mall brings her world crashing down around her. With her family already back in England, Beth jumps on the first flight home in the hope the distance will heal her broken heart. Beth vows off all men, especially the sexy older ones who are so good at leaving her wounded. All her good intentions are smashed to pieces though when she locks eyes on a dark and delicious stranger at a New Year’s party she’s been dragged to. Could he be the perfect solution to putting her heartache behind her?

Daniel works hard and parties harder. He may be approaching forty but he has no intention of settling down like everyone seems to be doing around him. Women come and go and he is more than happy to show them the door when their time is up. The last thing Daniel expects is to find himself captivated by a young woman at his sister’s New Year’s party. He knows from the minute he locks eyes on her that there is only one place she is spending her New Year, in his bed. But what if Beth is different to all the others and one night isn’t enough?