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My inspiration for Rogan



Rogan six-foot-three inches of badass sniper -- golden eyes like raw maple syrup -- sandy brown hair -- works with a cute military dog -- failed at love once -- will never try again



stormy blue eyes -- long legs -- blonde hair with a natural curl -- escaped her father's control -- searching for her joy

When Rogan and Tessa come together, the fireworks ignite and it's "game on" for both of them.

This is from a Goodreads review: "My gosh Rogan and Tessa! What a couple! They endured so much and still have so much to give! Great book and can't wait to read more."

See more of my inspiration for Men of Siege on Pinterest (warning: may contain spoilers)

And if you look at the Playlist on Spotify, it will surely spoil EVERYTHING (so don't look).

No seriously, follow me on Spotify. I add to the list as I write. Would love some company.

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